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Theology, Bible & Sexuality

Pilgrimage of Faith Research by Gary Hopkins
An online version of the research conducted by Gary Hopkins into how successful the Methodist Pilgrimage of Faith has been.

Centre for the Study of Christianity and Sexuality
CSCS provides opportunities for sexuality to be discussed honestly and openly, and aims to help others in the churches to provide similar opportunities.

Homosexuality and Christianity
Jeramy Townsley – with his own work and links to others.

Homosexuality, hermeneutics and the Bible
An extensive list to some of the online texts and websites available on this issue.

James Alison
An attempt to bring together texts by James Alison, and other materials, audio and video, which are available online.

Letter to Louise
A Biblical Affirmation of Homosexuality.

Out In Scripture
Out In Scripture provides distinctive insights into the Bible, week after week, from a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and straight-supportive perspective.

Religion Online
Religion Online has more than 6,000 articles and chapters including sections on Homosexuality and Sexuality.

Roy Clements
Roy Clements is an evangelical Christian and former pastor who was forced to leave public ministry after being “outed” as gay in 1999. On this site you will find some of his essays and biblical expositions, together with information about his publications and some recent news regarding Christian opinion on homosexuality.

Tony Cross Column
These articles attempt to address issues that are of interest to all Gay Christians.

Gay and Christian
A site that explores some of the references in the Bible to same-sex relationships and sexual acts.

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